Thursday, August 30, 2007

What purpose a balcony?

A balcony affords us a front row seat to the theatre that is the street… a reflection of our own lives or...

Maybe a balcony gives one a rest…a sanctuary from the reality of life.

We hang clothes from a balcony, our plants…a dove/pigeon will rest there not to fear of the cat…a child will pee from that place knowing that those below cannot get to them quickly if at all.

Maybe like Juliet, One waits for their life, their love to manifest itself...


Walter Lippmann said...

Depending on how high up you are in the building, some people drop a bag (called a "jaba") down on a long piece of heavy string to buy or pay for things on the street so they don't have to walk up and down all those flights of stairs.

Over on the corner of Infante and San Rafael, right behind the El Rapido, there's a magnificent pizza place called Celina's. You yell your order up to the third floor and it comes down a little while later. Amazingly - something which would never happen here in the U.S., you put your money in to pay for the pizza AFTER you receive it, not before.

AP had a nice story about Celina's:


Walter Lippmann
Currently in Los Angeles

Roy Llera said...

How nice it would be if Cubans could afford to repair the countless elevators that no longer function.
As for ordering pizza and paying for it after you receive it...we here the USA can afford phones ( no yelling necessary) to call Dominoes/Pizza Hut/Papa Johns delivered by young men that can afford a car and the right to drive it to us.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your photo essays with us. We Cuban-Americans deeply know the truth of our brethren on the island. It's a shame that in the 21st century those such as the commenter above still subscribe to looking upon the "other" as a specimen of some sort, deserving of their misery and lack of freedom if only to serve as a poor example of a system they believe in (socialism). They are leftists trapped in a colonialist mentality.
And as you might already know, most pizza joints hand you a box of pizza before you pay for it.