Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Cuban Portrait...San Lazaro

On a trip to the Church of San Lazaro on the outskirts of La Habana, el Rincon...a yearly pilgrimage takes place every December to this revered place...thousands journey to this place to pay a promise made to the San Lazaro, the patron Saint of the sick.
This gentleman sat next to the entry where many crippled and physically challenged Cubans can be found begging for any change, food or offering that a visitor may give.


ines said...

San Lazaro!! I've heard so much about San Lazaro. I added your Cuba Blog to our Blogroll Roy - your photos are truly fantastic!

Roy Llera said...

Ines...Thank you for your wonderful comment and including us in your Blogroll! It feels great to have these images appreciated and to share them with the world. Blog on!

Vana said...

When I was a child I often went with my mom the the San lazaro shrine, I shall never forget those times, I feel pity for the man in your pic, no one there has anything to give him

Roy Llera said... would be surprised how many Cubans return to Cuba and visit El Rincon...even those that live in Cuba will give something...Cubans on the island are very generous and those returning to visit don´t forget how hard it is to´s those that that are blinded by hate for the regime with hatred that forget the struggles of the average Cuban.

Vana said...


I do hate the regime, but I never in 45 years have forgotten my brethen in the Island, Cuba is my obsession, I want the best for them and for my poor Island, I hope and pray every day, to see my Patria and my people free again