Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cuban Spirit

I often refer to the Cubans patience, love for life and making cafe cubano from coffee and chicharos. (In the libreta, each family is entitled to Coffee...but the coffee often has "chicharos" added "chicharos are split peas grounded up to give the impression of more coffee)
So when life gives you cafe con make Cafe Cubano.


Ines said...

I had never heard of "chicharos" thanks for the explanation.

Have you tasted Rick's Cafe Cubano sans the chicharos?

Roy Llera said...

Ines, I look forward to trying his Cafe Cubano...with a Starbuck's fanatic in the house I get to try many different coffees...smells good here in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pictures. I cannot know the feelings of the Cubans. I hope freedom comes quickly!

Roy Llera said...

I am glad that you feel...I hope these images and comments give you some sense of their lives.