Sunday, January 20, 2008

Guajiro en Oriente...

More accurately in the country just North of Banes.
One day I took a jeep and just wandered off down a dirt road...and just kept going. I have always had a curiousity about whats around the next bend...over the next hill...what's up those stairs. This character has served me well in Cuba and becoming intimate with the country.
On this trip I took my wife with me...she kept encouraging me to turn around and go home...but we came upon a village...and their we bought a piglet. This was April of 2001 and knowing that we would most likely be home at New Years. We got the main course early
The most peaceful times in Cuba have been on the farms. I definitely am a Guajiro at heart. Someday I'll have a farm there and raise cuesta nada a sonar. (Costs nothing to dream)


Gladisley said...

I want to thank you for sharing these incredible photos - not to mention the video with the beautiful bolero. Those of us who are younger and left the island behind just a few years ago really appreciate you paying such homage to our country and its beauty.. its magic. Thanks for appreciating it, not as it was (pre-59), nor as it could be, but as is, now.

Roy Llera said...

Yes,it is magical.