Sunday, July 22, 2007

Conversations with my wife...

My wife returned the other day from we began the conversations that we cannot have over the phone for concern that all conversations are listened to.
Being pregnant, she arranged to buy milk...not in the store...but from the source, a farmer with a cow, at the risk of losing the cow. He's required to sell the milk to the "state" who in turn sells it to the the past children seven and under were entitled to milk but even in the store there is no least in the Holguin Province of Cuba.

In the city of Holguin, the farmer's market that was near the stadium has's said that due to the higher taxes the State tried to impose on the farmer...they have gone with "el mercado negro" selling produce on the black market. The more the State tries to impose in the business and tax the farmers...the bigger the black market becomes.

This image was taken in La Habana at the mercado "Cuatro Caminos" I chose this image because in conversation...onions that were selling for a small bag of maybe 5-6 for 3 pesos are now selling for 3 pesos for one.
How does this system maintain food for 11 million people? Imaginate...

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