Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Innocence

Children always amaze me with their vision, honesty, ability to adapt and improvise. I have seen spinning "tops", kickboards made with wood and skate wheels, baseball played with the leg of a chair and a ball made of "I'm not sure" There are no toy stores in least nothing accesible and available to the average Cuban. So as I stroll through Cuba, I see kids everywhere playing, going to school, just being kids.

This photograph was taken on my usual walk along the "Malecon" (the fabled stretch of road that curves along the coast in La Habana) It's like they were just waiting there with this painting in the background. But what really captures my thoughts is the children represent a cross section of race in Cuban society.


Mark Ridout said...

your work continues to inspire me. I always wait in anticipation of your visits to Cuba and of course your images upon your return. It is interesting to see another photographers style and Vision of Cuba. Truly my favorite destination spot to photograph people.

garrincha said...

maybe i have a soft spot for children, but this is a hell of a picture.
you rock, buddy.

Roy Llera said...

Mark...Thank you for those comments... especially coming from an awesome photographer that loves Cuba as I do!

Roy Llera said...

Garrincha, It was one of many as I like to think "spiritual" moments that all the elements came together and I had the good fortune to be there and capture it!