Friday, November 2, 2007

Un hombre y un Pala

Taken in the Plaza Vieja during it's renovation...


Walter Lippmann said...

Love your eloquent black and white photography. A simple photo of a man at work, taking a break. Worth noting that unlike most of us, they guy isn't at all overweight. Looks plenty health to me.

Interestingly, Cuban public health officials have started to worry a bit about obesity in the Cuban population. Clearly THIS Cuban doesn't have the same problem which all to many of us in "La Yuma" seem to have these days.

Anyway, thanks for the nice photo. I see lots of workers like this, not wearing a shirt while working in public places here in Cuba all the time.

Roy Llera said...

I am glad that you enjoy the photographs...they truly are a glimpse into Cuba that I think we both have a love for.

Agreed he looks quite trim and in good shape...he is working but realize he is digging ditches...not even in Cuba an ideal vocation.

I too have noticed some Cubans gaining weight...attributed more to their access to currency provided by relatives abroad. We all know that the "libreta" the ration book provides about two weeks of food for the average Cuban...if I were a betting man I would wager he has no family outside of Cuba to help him out. There is food that can be purchased in Cuba...the stores that accept the "new currency" are well stocked but those w/o access to funds quite often do without.

With the acceptance of the US dollar in 1993, it changed many things...not the least the creation of a class of Cuban that had $$ vs those that had no access.

I think what we are seeing in time will be many of the health problems due to access of "junk food" that those with $$ can purchase.

Let's hope this fellow is living a good and healthy life...but chances are he's seeing that his youth has been wasted on broken promises...